The purpose for the Estherville Art Center is to inspire and to bring people together. Art is a common bond for people of all ages and all levels of ability, from beginners to accomplished artists.


The Estherville Art Center will be a place for teaching and showing art. As community members develop their individual artistic talents, visitors from far and near can view local art and learn about the artists who live in and around Estherville.


The main focus of the Estherville Art Center is to provide opportunity and inspiration for young people. Estherville Art Center is for everyone. Those involved with it will direct their efforts toward achieving and maintaining the credibility necessary for inspiring and motivating other artists, especially those of future generations.

U.S. Mail:                                                      Cell Phone:                                       Email:
Estherville Art Center                                 (712)209-1900               sjgr@yourstarnet.net
1416 470th Ave.
Estherville, Iowa 51334

Donations may be dropped off at Bank Plus in Estherville.